Oral Appliance Therapy Side Effects

Possible Side Effects of Oral Appliance Therapy

There are several temporary side effects that are usually most noticeable during the initial week of therapy. At Dental Sleep Medicine of Northern Kentucky, we make the first follow-up appointment 1 to 2 weeks from initial delivery to address any issues early in therapy.

  • A feeling of tightness or tension in the jaw muscles.
  • Sore Teeth.
  • Excess Saliva, especially at first.
  • Temporary change of feel of your bite when the appliance is first removed in the morning.

The goal of sleep apnea treatment at Dental Sleep Medicine of Northern Kentucky is maximum effect with maximum comfort. We include frequent follow up in our treatment plan to adjust and discomfort, questions or concerns with have with the sleep apnea oral appliance.

Published Research looking at long term side efects shows:

  • No change in the shape of the jaws.
  • No irreversible stretching of muscles, ligaments or tendons.
  • No individual tooth movements (making teeth crooked).
  • A small change (average a tenth of an inch after 5 years of every night wear) moving all of the lower teeth slightly forward and down compared to all of the upper teeth.

We maintain an annual follow up schedule to monitor appliance integrity, continued performance, and the potential for tooth movement mentioned above. So far the incidence of this movement has been low. Should it occur, you would be the decision-maker, weighing whatever movement has occurred versus the benefits in sleep you have been getting.